ASAE Selects Chef Jeff Henderson as Closing Speaker

Posted: March 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

Last week the American Society of Association Executives released a portion of their speaker schedule for the August 12th -15th, 2017 Annual Meeting held in Toronto, Canada. Our blog readers understand the impact that this annual meeting provides to the professional speaking industry. ASAE possesses a multiplier effect that grants the opportunity to choose among the world’s leading speakers. The competition to speak before this group is fierce and association leaders and meeting attendees take careful notice to the speakers selected. Historically, the exposure given to ASAE speakers lead to substantially increased demand as a result of a successful main stage presentation.

Proven examples of this spiked demand trend include 2015 Opening General Session Speaker, Josh Linkner and 2016 Opening and Closing Session Speakers, Derreck Kayongo and Captains Mark and Scott Kelly. Today, despite their inflated standard speaking fees, Linkner, Kayongo, and the Kelly Brothers are among the most sought after speakers in the nation. 

This year, the Speaker Experts are delighted to note ASAE’s selection of Chef Jeff Henderson as the 2017 Closing Session Speaker in Toronto. Jeff is a man of many talents. He is a thought leader, a motivational speaker, an award winning chef for brands like Caesars and Bellagio, a Food Network star and The New York Times bestselling author of Cooked. Jeff discovered his passion and gift for cooking in an unexpected place, prison. On stage, Jeff shares the lessons learned from his transformative journey from drug dealer to celebrity chef.

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Many industries do not rely on past performances to predict future results, such as, the financial services industry. In contrast, the professional speaking industry tends to rely heavily on quality past performances as key predictors to sustainable future outcomes. The Speaker Experts believe it’s a safe bet that Chef Jeff Henderson will be one of 2018’s most in demand speakers due to the added value and exposure presented by this prestigious ASAE Closing Session Speaker selection.

Take action and contact your speaker bureau of choice today to determine if Chef Jeff Henderson is a good fit for your upcoming meeting. Get ahead of the market demand that will likely take place as a result of this bellwether association event.

Gary McManis & Jay Conklin





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