Forward-Looking Disruption to the Speaker Market

Posted: July 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

Followers of The Speaker Experts understand the multiplier effect of the ASAE Annual Meeting on the association and corporate meeting industry. This year’s ASAE Annual Meeting will take place from August 18th – 21st in Chicago, Illinois and will feature some of the speaking circuits most in-demand speakers including Forbes Publisher, Rich Karlgaard, Workforce Strategist and Management Trendspotter, Seth Mattison and Presidential Advisor, Tina Tchen.

For the purposes of identifying the next big trend in the speaking industry, The Speaker Experts focus on the meeting’s Closing Session. Over the past two years, each speaker tasked with giving this important speech quickly became one of the most requested speakers in the nation. During the ASAE 2016 Annual Meeting, Derreck Kayongo had an unforgettable high energy speech that challenged attendees to reject easy cynicism and embrace practical problem solving to make a difference one step at a time. At last year’s ASAE Annual Meeting, Chef Jeff Henderson discussed the power of purpose and making life-changing decisions, in order to secure personal and professional successes. All one needs to do is quickly google search Derreck or Jeff to understand the buzz that was created by these inspiring presentations to ASAE’s bellwether audience.

At this year’s 2018 ASAE Annual Meeting, the Speaker Experts are looking forward to World Champion Triathlete, Coach and Author, Siri Lindley’s closing presentation in Chicago. Her speech will help association leaders unlock the potential of the people they lead and the members they represent.

If the past two years are any indication of the influence on the speaker market, we believe Siri Lindley will quickly become one of the most requested speakers among state and national association leaders. The Speaker Experts fared poorly in our economics classes, but continue to subscribe to the economic teaching of Father Guido Sarducci. The increased market demand will result in a higher speaking fee. Now is the time to evaluate Siri as a speaker prior to her speech at ASAE next month!

-Gary McManis & Jay Conklin

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