With a combined experience of over 40 years in the meetings and entertainment industry, Speaker Experts Gary McManis and Jay Conklin are Washington’s leading authorities on celebrity speakers. Having successfully placed nearly 15,000 speakers during that time. they are known for their honesty, accessibility and professional approach. The Speaker Experts are influencers and brokers for candid feedback, ideas and trends in the speaking industry, and understand that delivering a solid keynote speech is only part of the equation.
  1. Hello! After countless Google searches for statical information on the the paid Professional Speakers industry (looking for stats like overall Revenue, gains or losses in Paid Speaking engagements in the US and globally, et al) I landed on your site – a breath of fresh air. I’m new to the speaker business and STILL trying to find metric information about the industry. Can you point me in the right direction? Subscribed to your blog – looking forward to it. Thanks in advance –

    Mary J. Bagley, CEO
    Speaker Engagements & Skills Workshops on ‘The Art of Authentic Advising’ for Global Hospitality Sales & Relationship Management professionals


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