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Our blog post last week covered some of the most-popular and most-requested celebrity humorists. This week we will look at some of the most in-demand business humorists on the speaking circuit. A few of these speakers have name value with the general public but all of these speakers are legendary household names within the corporate speaking arena. The field of corporate humorist business speakers is too vast or deep for The Speaker Experts to say these are the ten most booked speakers of this genre but we can tell you they are ten world class speakers who are brand leaders in their fields:

The Iconic Pitbull of Personal Development
Larry Winget

Humor in the Workplace
Jan McInnis

Tech-based Comedy with a Byte
Greg Schwem

Customized Comedy Put-Ons
Harry Freedman

Flying Chainsaws Can Be Fun
Passing Zone-Cartoon
The Passing Zone
Funnier than a content speaker, content-ier than a funny speaker
Juliet Funt

Talented Impressionist, Musician and Speaker
Roy Firestone

World’s Funniest Guitar Virtuoso
Mike Rayburn

Seriously Funny Humor
Steve Rizzo

Emcee/Comedic Talent Meets Corporate Culture
O'Shea Report-Cartoon
The O’Shea Report

Scheduling a business speaker with a humorist approach is not rocket science but it is not a laughing matter either. We have scheduled the speakers listed above for hundreds of engagements and received outstanding feedback both on and off stage but not everyone of these humorist is right for every meeting or desired outcome. The links provided above will take you to the speaker’s direct website but as pointed out last week we suggest you check with an IASB member speaker bureau to determine if one of these speakers will bring the desired combination of laughter, content and messaging to your next meeting.


John R. Powers (1945-2013)

Side Note from Gary
Sadly a name is missing from this list: John R. Powers passed away just in 2013. John was a playwright, author, educator, father and friend. I had the pleasure of working with him for over 20 years and during this period scheduled him for hundreds of presentations. John would always say a great presentation is a roller coaster of humor, information and insights-the audience should never know what’s coming next. Walking the stage like a trained actor, his presentation became a one-man play that included a ton of laughter, a few tears and always resulted in a standing ovation. I can still deliver the punch lines for most of his jokes and there is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t think of one of his life lessons. I will close this posting off with the most impactful of the bunch: “There is a first time and there is a last time for everything in life; you need to cherish every minute in between.” A good humorist will make the audience laugh but always give them something to remember….

Gary McManis & Jay Conklin

One nightmare scenario and almost rite of passage for any meeting planner is dealing with a last minute speaker cancellation. No matter how many precautions are taken, disruptions happen (e.g. acts of god, sickness, family issues, airline strike, etc.). You have experienced them all and so have we but the show must go on.

While this is a situation nobody wants to go through, it is one of the value propositions of working with a dependable, knowledgeable and experienced speaker bureau. They can explore and find a solution to the challenge while you continue juggling the many other responsibilities that come with your role.

One solution we generally turn to (along with looking at speakers we may already have “booked” in the meeting city or surrounding area during that time) is finding reliable and proven speaker options who live in the area and can arrive at a venue within minutes.

Here are a few options to consider for some of the major meeting markets:

Las Vegas

Chef Jeff Henderson – Celebrity Chef and Inspiration behind NYT best-selling memoir Cooked

JB Bernstein – Sports Marketing Expert and Inspiration behind Disney’s major motion picture Million Dollar Arm 

Tim Sanders – Former Yahoo executive, and NYT best-selling business author


Jim Knight – Former Senior Director of Training & Development for Hard Rock International

Pat Williams – Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic

Dennis Snow – Former Disney Leadership Executive, Customer Service Expert

New Orleans

General Russel Honoré – Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina, Leadership & Preparedness Expert

Archie Manning – NFL Icon and father Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning

Peter Ricchiuti – Finance Professor and nationally sought after Economic Expert

Phoenix & Scottsdale

Captain Mark Kelly – beloved husband of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, retired NASA astronaut and naval aviator

Larry Winget – The Pitbull of Personal Development

Dr. Barry Asmus – Economic Policy Expert

San Francisco

Alison Levine – NYT best-selling author of On The Edge, leadership expert and extreme adventurer

Peter Leyden – Future Trends & Technologies Expert

Jeff Ma – Inspiration behind Ben Mezrich’s best-selling book Bringing Down The House, Expert on Data and Analytics

Jason Jennings – Business Leadership & Productivity Expert, NYT best-selling business author


If you are interested, we would be happy to provide you with a list of “local” speakers in the first, second and even third tier meeting destinations.

Gary McManis & Jay Conklin