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Most high profile professional and amateur sports have iconic representatives on the speaking circuit. In a post last year, we identified Terry Bradshaw and Lou Holtz as two of the most in-demand NFL speakers of all time. Their counterparts for the world of professional baseball would be legendary Ironman Cal Ripken Jr. and Dodger great Tommy Lasorda. From the NBA and NCAA basketball, celebrated cager Bill Walton and Coach Mike Krzyzewski would certainly qualify as another duo of iconic professional speakers.

When it comes to the intersection of professional tennis and the speaking circuit, the most popular speaker is Billie Jean King. As a winner of thirty nine Grand Slam titles on the court, her off-the-court achievements are even more compelling – she is the founder of World Team Tennis and the Women’s Sports Foundation, and an outspoken advocate for worldwide sexual equality.

You might be thinking, this is all great, but what does it have to do with the world of professional speaking and my upcoming meeting? Well, there are currently three films in development right now about Billie Jean King’s life and her epic tennis match with Bobby Riggs. The Speaker Experts have gazed into our crystal ball and feel it is a safe bet to say that at least one of the film projects listed below will be a hit and increase Ms. King’s already high demand and visibility on the speaking circuit:

  • “The Match Maker” (Will Ferrell as Bobby Riggs) – Based on Don Van Natta Jr.’s 2013 ESPN article “The Match Maker: Bobby Riggs, The Mafia and The Battle of the Sexes”.
  • “Untitled HBO Project” (Elizabeth Banks as Billie Jean King and Paul Giamatti as Bobby Riggs) – Backed by the powerhouse producing team of Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.
  • “Battle of the Sexes”(Emma Stone as Billie Jean King and Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs) – Fox Searchlight set to begin filming in fall 2015.

As a fun way to celebrate Ms. King’s impact on the speaking circuit, the Speaker Experts are announcing the chance to win one of Billie Jean King’s personal tennis racquets signed by the tennis legend. Below is a photograph of the signed Wilson Surge – the racquet features her trademark “W” stencil on the strings and comes with a Wilson tennis bag.

BJK Wilson
The drawing for the racquet will take place on Friday, May 8, with the winner being announced on our Twitter Feed, @Speaker_Experts. You can enter the drawing in any number of ways – contact us via Twitter, email, fill out the form below, or even give us a call!

Check with your speaker bureau of choice to determine if Ms. King is good fit as the keynote speaker at one of your upcoming meetings.

Gary McManis & Jay Conklin

This evening the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks will kick off the 2014 NFL schedule. The season will culminate in Phoenix on February 1, 2015, with Super Bowl XLIX. Coincidentally, the first quarter of the year is also a popular time for National Sales Kick Off and “all-hands” events, as well as annual meetings. If you have an event that falls into one of these categories, a high-impact NFL player or coach is a natural consideration as speaker.

The Speaker Experts have fired up their Commodore 64 in an effort to determine the ten most popular NFL speakers, and have developed a complex algorithm that analyzes NFL speakers in the following four areas:

  • Visibility – Must have name recognition
  • Ability – Must be a world-class orator
  • Dependability – Must abide by contractual obligations
  • Availability – Must be someone who is on the speaking circuit and consistently accepting engagements



Archie Manning
Manning_imageMVP player, Hall of Fame Dad

Herm Edwards
Edwards_imageYour team will learn how to “Play to Win the Game”

Joe Theismann
Theismann_imageA Washington player has to make the list, right?

Rocky Bleier
Bleier_imageFour Super Bowl Rings and a timeless message

Terry Bradshaw
Bradshaw_imageSomebody had to hand off to Rocky Bleier

Merril Hoge
Hoge_imagePlayer, cancer survivor and hardest working man on ESPN

Mike Ditka
Ditka_imageTough on the field but his restaurant makes a tender steak

Lou Holtz
Holtz_imageCup of tea in the NFL but may be the best sports speaker ever

Emmit Smith
Emmitt Smith Visits FOX BusinessHe is a Cowboy, but definitely belongs on the list

Tom Flick
Flick_imageKotter management theory meets the NFL

*By clicking on the photographs above, you will be directed to the speaker’s website or their representative. You can also contact your favorite speakers bureau for help determining if one of these personalities is a good fit for your meeting.

Gary McManis & Jay Conklin