American Program Bureau Offers Innovative Website Feature

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Meeting Planner
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The American Program Bureau is a pioneer in the speaker bureau world. Based out of Boston, the firm was founded in 1965 by Robert P. Walker who quickly developed a loyal customer base in the college, town hall and community forum markets.

The Speaker Experts have come across a neat feature on APB’s website that is a great resource for corporate and association meeting planners. The tool is called “American Program Bureau’s Event Tie In List”: it is a list of speakers booked for upcoming engagements, and organized by event date and location. A screenshot is below:


This information can be used in a variety of ways but has two great applications for anyone who schedules speakers:

    1. If you are planning a meeting in a location where APB has one of their speakers scheduled, you maybe able to secure a discounted fee because the speaker will already be there.
    2. If you have already scheduled your speaker in a city where one of these speakers is booked, this list can be a great insurance policy if an unforeseen professional commitment or act of god forces your speaker to cancel at the last minute.

The APB Event Tie In List is available to APB VIP subscribers. The Speaker Experts have no affiliation with APB but we do offer a tip of the hat to this old-line speaker bureau for some creative forward-thinking. There are a ton of speaker bureau websites floating around in cyberspace, but few offer this kind of real-time, useful information.

Gary McManis & Jay Conklin

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