Lesson’s from Mt. Everest help The Capitals reach the NHL Summit

Posted: June 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

One of the keys to a successful Annual Meeting or National Sales Kickoff is the Opening General Session, which provides an ideal forum to inspire and motivate the audience. A good general session speaker will leave the audience energized, inspired and motivated to learn. A great opening speaker will be so impactful that their message will resonate with the audience profoundly, and act as motivational fuel not only throughout the meeting, but throughout the year.

Few environments, if any, are as competitive and dynamic as that of the NHL. With 31 teams of athletes at the peak of human conditioning competing for one trophy, stakes are high, and organizations put millions on the line for the opportunity to win a championship. When competition is that high, motivation and inspiration become critical factors, and it is extremely important for an organization to set a tone conducive to achievement and success.

So, when the Washington Capitals needed a speaker to set the tone for the 2018 Season and to help win the Lord Stanley’s Cup, they called upon acclaimed mountain climber, adventurer and CEO Jamie Clarke.


Jamie Clarke pictured with the Washington Capitals NHL Hockey team after speaking at their Preseason Kickoff Meeting

Jamie’s upbeat perspectives from the roof of the world to the peaks of business success inspire organizations to overcome challenges and understand the thin margin between success and failure. Jamie understands the importance of the combination of perseverance and teamwork, and if understood and executed – anything is possible…


Washington Capitals – 2018 Stanley Cup Champions

Ok, ok we can’t tell you that Jamie Clarke is the reason behind the Capitals’ win last evening.  In the interest of total transparency, we recognize that his hockey career ended as a junior in Canada. However, we can tell you that high performance organizations like the Washington Capitals and the Canadian National Hockey Team can have their choice of just about any motivational speaker on the planet and they selected Jamie. If you are looking for a high impact speaker to help your organization win its version of the Stanley Cup or compete at the Olympic level, put Jamie Clarke on your “first line!”


Jamie Clarke pictured speaking to Canadian National Hockey team at
PyeongChang 2018

 Gary McManis & Jay Conklin

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