Winner of The Speaker Experts’ Harley Davidson Drawing Announced

Posted: April 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

On March 27, The Speaker Experts held their drawing to win a brand new Harley Davidson Sportster. All of the 857 entries, made eligible by scheduling a speaker with The Speaker Experts during the contest period, were placed into a large rotating hopper (think David Stern, NBA Draft lottery circa 1985). After a drum roll, much fanfare and excitement, the entry belonging to the American Health Care Association was randomly selected as the grand prize winner.

David Stern

We even spun the drum… about 6 turns (we think)


Theslideshow_big_1201-l-street-northwest-washington-dc-20005 American Health Care Association, based in Washington DC, is a professional association who advocates for quality care and services for all patients of the American healthcare system, particularly those reliant on long-term care and treatment options. This non-profit federation represents upwards of 11,000 non-profit and for-profit nursing facility, assisted living, developmentally-disabled, and subacute providers, whose services reach over one millions elderly and disabled Americans every day.

The AHCA was thrilled to win ahca_large_colorthe motorcycle, but in order to share the benefit of the contest with their full membership, they requested that The Speaker Experts sponsor a speaker for their next event whose fee is comparable to the cost of the motorcycle. The Speaker Experts know a lot more about speakers than air-cooled engines and Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection, so we were delighted to take them up on their request!

Thank you to all who entered the contest. Although the blog has been dark for the past few months, you can look forward to a number of cutting-edge posts in the weeks and months ahead, covering the fast-paced world of speakers and the speaker bureau industry!

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